Sunday, August 22, 2010

Learning about yourself

Nothing like listening to your toddler to find out about yourself. Mommy recently blogged:
At some point Hyrum stated saying a wonderful phrase that eased his mother's heart. The phrase is "OH, YES"
Well, "oh, yes" has given way to "yep." yep yep yup yup... Mommy does not approve. She likes "yes" much more.

Then Daddy realized where it came from. Derrill, you want mayonnaise on your sandwich, right? Yep. ... uhoh. It's me!

Now self-conscious, I begin to hear yep all over the place. yep yep yep yep. ... Time to repent so Hyrum will have the role model Joy wants him to have.

The Lovely and Gracious comments: "Yep isn't so bad. It's just hard to hear. Yes is so understandable!"

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