Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hyrum writes - Joy post

I feel like I have already blogged about this, but hear goes.

Hyrum loves to draw. His first letter that he learned how to draw was H. He started drawing Hs the day that we studied the letter H in the letter a week club. It was his day, since his name starts with an H. I made some Hot dogs wrapped in bread for the snack. We went to the club and we practiced writing, Hand painted a letter H and at no time did I see any chance he would be drawing an H. Nothing similar, but he LOVED hand painting. We have done it once since then (Thank you Shari for the paint-he painted for at least a half hour straight).

When we got home that day, sometime later he was drawing on his aqua doodle and told me "H", "H" I went over to see what was on his doodle and indeed there was an H. He drew several of them and counted them too. I was so amazed that he was able to do it. He had no direct model, nothing written in front of him for an example. Just the memory of earlier that day or before and he drew and H. He has drawn Hs ever since. Now he draws a W at times. He's drawn a D a couple of times and said it was a D. He drew Ms on accident - he really wanted to draw a W. I'm waiting for him to try to draw a Z. It's one of his favorite letters.

On day (the one I alluded to above) Hyrum and I were finger painting at  home. We were talking about the letter Y. I have some letter sponges, so after he had pushed the paint around for a while, yellow, blue, green, and purple which formed something like a dark green on green paper, I gave him a sponge Y to sponge up his paint and make Ys on other papers. So the surprise that came with this activity was as he was dutifullly making as many Ys as he felt like he could and then asking for new paper, he put two Ys next to each other and said, "W". I looked at what he had on his paper and YY did look just like a W. What an amazing kid.

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Shari said...

How fun! I'm so glad that Hyrum loves the finger paints. We all won with this -- Hyrum got his finger paints, and I got them out of the house (and out of Kate's reach)!