Thursday, May 8, 2008

Too much of a good thing

When, in the course of parental events, it becomes necessary for one father and one mother to remind themselves that he doesn't ALWAYS scream and cry, a due respect for the family welfare impels them to post pictures of a smiling Hyrum, that they may recall that this was his face not so long ago:

Joy's caption: Daddy became a photographer.

Sleeping the sleep of the just, the just tired, and the just too cute for words. Every parent loves their baby asleep, and no wonder!

Hyrum is stoked that Daddy's softball team WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT. Daddy had a .333 batting average in the post season, and managed to injure himself twice in two games.

(I can't believe Joy didn't post this one with her videos of her playing with Hyrum.)

Hm, very well, Mother. You amuse me. Bring on the caterpillar.

All right, coppers, I'll come quietly.

Joy's caption: Hm, cheeri-o, old bean. Pip pip.

Derrill's caption: Did Dad just say ... allowance? mwahahahahaha

Stop tickling me, Daddy!
I promise I'll be cute again tomorrow.

In other Hyrum news: Hyrum has rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time ... while Mommy's back was turned. Mom's guess is that it was on his right side.

In less cute news, Hy is also a new drooler, a growing expert in the field of projectile spitting, and pooped through his diaper and onsie for the first time this week. Little man, you've had a busy day.

Today, Hyrum communicated with Mom for the first time. He was waving his hand in front of his mouth. Joy said, "Oh, it looks like you want your binkie." Then Hyrum gave a big ol' smile when she picked it up. He didn't intend to keep it long, spitting it out a minute later, but it sure looked an awful lot like a conversation! "I guess you talk first about the things you love," his mother quips.

He is discovering new noises, such as the coo, and is slowly developing his ultimate weapon: Incredible Cuteness. Now we just need to train him that Incredible Cuteness will get him more of what he wants faster than Screaming Until His Entire Head Turns Beet Red With the Veins Popping Out. That will be a different theraputic entry.

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Jenny said...

What a cute little guy!
He's a lucky baby to have such
loving & doting parents!
-Jenny G.