Sunday, May 18, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Hyrum is growing more and more adorable. Unfortunately, my camera has decided to die. We're considering our options. Until then, pictures may be fewer and further between.

I gets to da finitch,
Cause I eats Mom's spinitch
I'm Hyrum the sailor man.
Toot toot!

(This one is pretty good if you turn your computer upside down too!)

I got this headache, doc. It starts waaay back here...

Our little GQ model. Ooooh, baby!

Oooh. I think I heard Mommy say I-C-E-Y C-R-E-A-M. mmMMmm.

Caption 1:
So then Mommy says we're going on a little "trip." Little did I know that "trip" was to the bathtub! What a gyp!

Caption 2:
See, here's the new tie I made for you, Daddy. I made it special so only the pure in heart can see it. Don't you think it's beautiful, Daddy?

Ohhh, I'm such a cute little dickens! Everyone's going to be so sad that the camera's broken. Maybe Dad will put up some re-run or also-ran pictures on the blog instead. Me, I'm just glad for a break from the Papa-razzi.

There are good points to the current technical difficulties. I was upstairs when suddenly I heard a tremendous "WAA!" from my wife downstairs, followed by laughter. She apologized to Hyrum for startling him. I called down if she could explain it to the rest of us (me). She said I'd have to see it. So I came downstairs and discovered that my wife's clothing had mysteriously changed color. Hyrum exploded ALL OVER her blouse and dress. Just wet and some 'cottage cheese' so nothing really gross, but it was the Great Baby Spitup of Ought-Eight. Joy apparently had been helping him burp. But our camera is not working, and the phonemera doesn't capture it in proper glory, so there will be no film at 11. Sorry.

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