Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eye opening moment

Today my heart was opened to my sweet little innocent child. It was a peaceful and whole feeling and in the words of President Eyering, an apostle of Jesus, a "pay day" for mom.

After feeding Hyrum this morning he was sleepy and (as many moms may understand) cuddly, especially since he was half asleep. As I held him in my arms I began to understand how much a blessing having a precious spirit is in our home and in my heart. I have focused too much on the concerns and mechanics of caring for Hyrum, and now begin to see the joy of this sacred opportunity. I feel so peaceful now that I wanted to write it down to reflect on latter as my heart has a poor memory. Even as this day passes with some grumpiness on Hyrum's part because mom woun't let him sleep the day away, I am still left with a full heart knowing that we are both well and he is so dear to me. Sacrifice has become sweet.

Below are three videos that show Hyrum being happy and playing with a large caterpillar in one. The last picture is a little fuzzy, but he was smiling. It's fun - he started cooing a little.

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themeese2 said...

His little wrinky forehead look just KILLS me!

He's absolutely beyond darling, Joy-Joy! I really enjoy reading your blog entries.