Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random pics 1 - Nursery Days

So I have this great screen saver that puts up random pictures from my picture file, and the thought struck me one day that it might be fun to turn it on and just post some random pictures that haven't appeared on the blog yet. Little vignettes of daily life. So here's my first attempt. Your pictures will be displayed in the order in which they were received.

And our first winner is ... little Haley G., formerly of Ithaca, New York! I had just been called, but not yet sustained as a nursery worker at Church. I decided that I wanted to get a bunch of pictures of the kids and gather them together in a calendar that I could give them when our time ended. So before anyone knew that I had been called, I showed up a branch social with my camera and began snapping a couple dozen shots of the kids. (So, it didn't actually start with Hyrum.) Somehow ... I don't think this one made it to the calendar. "And this is a picture of your lovely daughter showing off her belly."

To be (un)fair, so does her dad.... ;)

Ah, dear Kate P. I didn't take this one. Her parents took this one, but it was a great shot, so I snagged it too. She was being the "perfe Mermaid" I loved my nursery kids. Now I've got a kid of my own, and I get to play with him instead. But before there was Hyrum, there was Kate and Haley and Calvin and the Roeder "twins" and Emanuel and her-name-is-not-Maddy and Joseph and Rosie and ... *sigh*
I miss that calling.

Mmm... one of my favorite activities. This was over the Christmas vacation 2006 at my parents' house in beautiful Santa Barbara. I thought Mom was done taking pictures.

I was trying to get a shot of Hyrum peeking his head just above the boppie while Joy talked to her brother on the phone. I didn't quite get his eyes, but as you saw in the last post, I eventually got some pretty cute ones. Course, this is a great shot of Joy's lovely smile.

Hmm, my nursery days pics seem to be popular today. This was Easter. The P's strewed candy all over the church yard and let the kids search around to pick it up. They had a lot of fun.

"So, Mom, you know how you were telling me God made all the little creatures? Well, I think one of them is climbing on your shoulder..."

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Shari said...

Kate will always hold a special place in her heart for you guys! You were great nursery teachers. I was always impressed with the things you'd come up with for the kids. It was obvious that you loved that calling!