Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Comback Kid

For our anniversary, we all chipped in to get a new camera. Hyrum and I used our birthday moneys (Thanks, Grammy!) and Joy had some play money saved up. So now we can behold the new and improved Hyrum, now in 7 megapixels!

Before (8 pounds 2)

After (over 9 pounds 5)
"Hey, Daddy! I feel like I ate a cow, but I don't look any bigger. Where's the beef?"
The beef is on your ribs that we can't see anymore and your drumsticks that now have more beef on them than pigeon wings have.
"... Beef on drumsticks?"
Nevermind, son.

The biggest difference? I drool a lot more.

I'm back! Didja miss me?

Ohhh, Daddy. What a big mouth you have! I can see all the way to Catalina Island.

Some people like Obama. Some people like McCain. I'm voting for Mommy.


Ooh, can I have a turn with the power tools, Dad?


Grandma Jule said...

Now, THAT is one HAPPY baby!!!

Good to see you again, Little Star!

Sapphire Sting said...

Did Hyrum agree to use his birthday money for the camera?