Friday, May 16, 2008

Coming up for air

I have been suffering from some serious procrastination on the second chapter of my dissertation. I work on it in fits and spurts, generally with very little writing getting done. This is highly unusual for me. I didn't have this problem on my first chapter, and I haven't had it yet on my third, and I certainly haven't had it in my work for Per, where I was churning out 5-8 pages a day. My seeming inability at times to get it done was really quite depressing, and at one point this week, I even considered throwing in the towel.

But thanks to a loving wife, a desire to graduate and increase my income, the grace of God, and the fact that most of my committee takes off next week for the summer, never to be seen again, I found enough panic to give birth to another draft of the chapter. I use the term give birth because I went through more contractions getting it done than Joy did delivering Hyrum ;) . I stayed up until 3-5am every night this week working on it, with about half the pages being typed up last night, and major formatting work this morning. Suffice it to say, this has required intense concentration and ignoring many of the things I like to do.
I just turned it in to the committee. I meet with them next week to receive the appraisals and canon fire.
I am greatly relieved ... and very tired.

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Shari said...

Good luck, Derrill!!