Sunday, May 4, 2008

Daily Dose of Hyrum

A baby blog a week brings baby blessings by. Here's my hungry, hairy heir in his appealing April articles of clothing.

Oh no. Here I am, all dressed up in a 3 mo. outfit for the first time, and Dad's on another of his alliteration kicks. Not only that, but I know what hairy heir rhymes with!

During one of the last syringe feedings, Hyrum boldly swiped the food dispenser from Mom and proceeded to try to feed his ear. Between his grip, height, and current aptitude scores, he may have a promising future with the NBA.

Hyrum makes his first funny face by sticking his thumb in his ear and wiggling his fingers. Good thing his bink was in so he couldn't stick out his tongue at me too!

(This is actually his first 3 mo. outfit, worn at 7 weeks. Not much pudge, but he's tall.)

Nobody move. I lost a contact lens!

Great, all dressed up and Mom won't let me date Margaret yet. or Eleanor. or Jane, Elisa, Rhoda, or Isabella.

I can't date until I'm HOW old?

But look at how I grewed, Dad! I'm big enough!

Forget your beanbag chairs. I'll take double-boppie chairs any day.

Joy's caption: This is a breastfed baby.

Derrill's caption (borrowed from signs around Ithaca):
Please do not feed the [baby] at [the Watsons]. Word soon gets around in the "[baby] community" that food is available, and soon their numbers will increase. They will cause damage to [the house] and could be potentially dangerous on the walkway and the playground equipment.


Grandma Jule said...

That first shot makes him look like "Little Padwan Learner Hyrum trying his first experiments with The Force."

The only question is, did the Binky or the Syringe (whichever it was he was reaching for) resond to his "Come" command?

Looks like he's going to be left-handed, like his mother . . .

Derrill said...

Except for one thing: that's his right hand.