Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Power of Temples

Hyrum likes temples. He turns to pictures of temples in any of the picture scripture books we have. He likes going to the temple and being there. We passed a church yesterday and he pointed it out to us as a "temple." Temples are pretty cool.

Hyrum also knows something of what temples are for. They're for making people feel happy.

Mommy was having a Bad Day. Hyrum wanted her to feel better. He said, "Go temple! Go temple! Mommy go temple! Daddy go temple!" When he sees a picture, he says, "Mommy Daddy go temple."

He's been an awfully sick little boy this weekend - not-quite-so-low grade fever between 100 and 102 depending on how long it's been since he took medicine, with a sour tummy that doesn't want to eat anything. "But he's being a good drinker" of milk and apple juice. The first day he had the fever, he told me he wanted to "Go temple." And in fact, Mommy drove him half way there to help him get to sleep and have a nap.

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