Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hyrum says "Wow"

We did a lot of shopping today - Mommy clothes and Hyrum clothes mostly. Near the end of the day, I was wandering through the kids' pajamas with Hyrum and I was curious to see this one brightly colored, red-white-and-blue number. I held it out and Hyrum paid attention (!). He looked at Mater the car, decorated in red, white, and blue with fireworks and pizzazz. He said, "wow!"

We don't get that reaction much, so I put it in the cart. Then as we turned a corner, Hyrum said "Wow!" again. It was Buzz pajamas. Hyrum didn't just want to marvel at them, though. "Hold Buzz pajamas." So we went home with a pair of Buzz pajamas. Mater somehow jumped out the cart when Hyrum wasn't looking, and is hiding out with a bunch of shirts with skulls on them. The fuzz'll never find him there.

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