Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Games Hyrum Plays

Hyrum is learning to play pretend. His most requested pretend game is "Sleep." He runs to his room and brings us a blanket (or 6). He calls out "Hyrum sleep" and lays down on the floor. We then cover him with a blanket and wait until he decides to wake up, bouncing up to cry "Again again!" He also likes it when Daddy makes snoring noises for Hyrum. He doesn't close his eyes because he wants to see our reaction to his cuteness. Yesterday, Daddy decided to play with him and used his multi-blanketed self as a pillow. He laughed, waited for a bit, then called out, "Daddy wake up." Lather, rinse repeat.

We've also tried Pretend Breakfast and Pretend Park, going through all the motions of each in the comfort of home. He likes them a lot.

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