Sunday, May 2, 2010

How is a Hyrum like an elephant?

A rural legend claims that you can train an elephant to never run away. You tie a baby elephant down with a really big metal collar and a really big metal chain and a really monster stake. The elephant will struggle and fight, but just can't get out.

After a while, you tie him down with a rope and a stake. He'll give a little tug just to confirm that he's really tied down but seeing that he is, he won't fight it.

After a while, you tie him to nothing with a bit of string. He knows he's tied up like he always was, so he won't even try to get away. As a kid, he learned he couldn't get away and now as an adult he doesn't try.

That's the legend. I wonder if MythBusters has ever done an episode on it?

So what's that got to do with my wonderful, spirited son? He's been in a barred crib for sleeping his whole life and, even though he's been big enough and strong enough to climb out for some time, hasn't even tried. When we got him a big boy bed, we figured we'd need to put up the childproofing gate in front of his door to keep him from getting out if he woke up at 4am.

But for some reason, Hyrum doesn't get out of his bed! Okay, it's only been a couple days, I know. I've checked on him occasionally while he napped and slept, though, and he hasn't once gotten out of the Buzz bed. We say lay down, and he does. He was awake most of the two hours he was down for his nap yesterday but he stayed in that little bed the entire time.

I'm amazed.

Oh, and just now, he asked for the first time if he could please take a nap. I could really get to like this piece of string we call a Buzz bed.

.... Nevermind. It was nice for two days.

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