Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hyrum vs. Chuck E.

Hi there. Hy here.

Last week, Mommy and Daddy took me to CT to see Uncle Steve and Aunt Emie. The best part of being with them was their house is full of Mickey! They have Mickey Dance Dance Revolution and Mickey and Minnie figures and Mickey's autograph and probably even more! While Daddy and Uncle Steve worked, Mommy and Aunt Emilee took me to parks and let me do Mickey Dance while they played boardgames like they always do.

But then they took me to Chuck E Cheese. I was really excited. I couldn't stand to wait while they ate their pizza (blech - give me applesauce). I got to ride in all kinds of cars. I'm really excited right now about the green car up top. "Green" "Green" "Green" I keep telling Daddy while he types this.

I rode with Barney and Teletubbies. Who are they?

In this yellow car, they had a button I could push that didn't do anything! How cool is that? Most of the rides, I sat there and intently enjoyed them. It's sometimes hard for other people to tell because I look pretty serious when I'm concentrating on my fun, but Mommy and Daddy knew I was loving it. How? Because I cried every time they tried to move me to another toy, that's how! It was so much fun!!!!

I got to ride three rides with TV screens that bounce and shake with what is happening on the screen. It was like I actually got to ride the rollercoasters! [Daddy notes that the Millford Chuck E. is in a sad sorry state of repair - most of those rides gave a gentle back massage, but nothing like the turbulence we got at the Vestal Chuck E a couple years ago.] Mommy and Daddy liked playing a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball game. While they did that, I played with a ping pong paddle. Oh, they also had a whack-a-mole type thing and Daddy let me swing the mallet! That was cool.

My favoritestest ride, though, was probably the Merry Go Round. I liked looking at my cute, handsome self in the mirror. I just stared and stared all the way around.

Daddy followed me around and around filming, trying to get me to look at the camera. Nope, nothin' doin'! Finally, though, I was merciful and tossed him a bone. Daddy was pretty lucky to catch me smiling. He was reall happy and I'm enjoying seeing this video again now too. "Again. Again. 'gain again again again...."

Uncle Steve was really good at some of the games and he won enough to get me something. Betchya can't guess what it is!

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Shari said...

Sounds like tons of fun! The last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese was when Kate was just little. James wasn't even born yet. I can just imagine how fun all three of my children would have now!