Saturday, February 27, 2010

Too Many Status Updates

Even though I regularly post an update to Facebook, sometimes there are too many statuses simultaneously to choose. And I don't want to flood everyone's home page. ... So you can come to mine and see the flood if you like.

Derrill Watson is ...
  • looking forward to having an oven again on Monday - a white Frigidaire from Thayer
  • lucky Joy said yes.
  • sad that they had to miss Cassie's temple trip today because of the snow dump.
  • starting to wonder when Joy will tell him to shave the goatee off.
Joy says, "Is that my job?"
  • looking forward to finishing this textbook and making good progress on bringing that to pass.
  • becoming addicted to "Strimko," a Sudoku variation,
  • interested learn that Sudoku is an English game that the Japanese call by its English name and we call by its Japanese name. Developed for an American games magazine.
  • relishing "Mansfield Park." I even dreamed one night this week about a Japanese version of Mansfield Park. If anyone could pull it off, the Japanese certainly could.
  • pleased at how much of the kitchen he cleaned today.
  • going to enjoy wrapping some of Hyrum's birthday presents that neither nor Joy know about.
  • loving being a Dad. Everyday there's something to celebrate.
  • proud that Hyrum's babysitter told us he was "very well behaved" and "polite" for several hours.
  • getting used to eating grapefruit. Vanilla, Sweet'n'Low ... good times.
  • looking forward to family coming, to a marriage next week [unrelated to family coming], and to speaking at the ring ceremony.
Joy Watson is ...
  • glad I found the scotch tape.
  • hoping I gets her lesson done.
  • grateful my floor is mopped.
  • thankful my child is in bed.
  • glad that food works for the constitution of my mind.
  • wishing my taxes were done.
  • hoping that Hyrum's birthday goes well.
  • hoping Steve and Emilee have good weather for when they come.
  • married to a great man.
No, really, she told me to put that.
  • glad that I didn't have to listen to "76 Trombones on the Big Parade" all day long.
  • sad I didn't take Hyrum out to play in the snow today.
  • glad that my husband did the grandparents' newsletter.
  • looking forward to baking bread and a cake.
Hyrum Watson is ...
  • sleeping soundly.
  • excited about everything.

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