Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mysterious Ways ... Revealed

So two weeks and three blog posts ago we had a cold adventure. Now we understand why. The guy who came to fix the furnace told me to get a CO-detector. Hyrum wrote at that time:

"Daddy thinks it's a good idea for families to have carbon monoxide and radon testers normally to keep little kids safe. They only cost about $20, and that's worth it to make sure I'm safe, he says. Maybe it's time for you to get a testing kit from your local hardware store. My name is Hyrum, and I approved this public service announcement."

Early Friday morning Joy was baking fresh whole grain bread - really divine stuff. I noticed that our CO-detector was not at its usually happy 0, but had risen to a whopping 136. I aired out the house and did some research on carbon monoxide. CO-detectors are clever, see? They calculate the time you've been exposed at a certain level because it's the accumulated level that's trouble. I got the house aired out and the CO back down to 0 quickly, so we were fine.

So maybe our oven is having some problems. We'll have to watch it.

Last night Joy made some more bread for our Valentines breakfast. The CO alarm went off. Uh-oh.

We evacuated the house, called 9-1-1, and after an hour of talking to the nice firemen were back in our aired out house. Joy stayed in the warm car with Mr. "Well, if you're going to get me out of bed, the least you can do is play the music I like" Hyrum. The verdict? Your oven's toast, man. Can't use it. "Is anyone here pregnant? Cause if there were, there would be serious problems."

So we'll be getting a new oven instead of a new furnace. The firemen confirmed that the furnace is in good running order. But boy are we glad we had a furnace problem two weeks ago so we were warned about increasingly dangerous carbon monoxide coming from our oven. God's taking care of us, even through the device of a piddly furnace problem that got a guy over here who claimed he could smell an odorless gas.

Common sources of carbon monoxide are shown in the diagram on the right. Please make sure your home is safe.

"Especially with all the baking I've done recently," Joy says, "I hope we didn't lose too many brain cells."

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