Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hyrum's First Sentence (almost)

Some of you will have seen the announcements on Facebook today that culminate in today's posting.

Hyrum has long enjoyed playing with M&Ms and feeding them to us. The last few weeks he has also discovered chocolate. He asks for it at least once a day now. It's the only solid food he chaws on, so it's really cool and we usually give him a piece for dinner.

"Hy here! Then today Daddy told me that M&Ms have chocolate in them. He saw me kissing one, but I didn't eat it. So then he said that they are chocolate. I looked at him to say, 'you have my attention.' So he bit into one that was the same color I had, and he showed me the ring of chocolate around the peanut inside the shell. He held up the half-eaten piece to me and I licked it. And I nibbled it. And I ate it! It was SO GOOD!"

So for dinner, Hyrum had peanut M&Ms. His first peanuts. His first crunchy food. He asked for them one at a time by color. Joy asked me how many we should let him have, even though we hadn't been keeping count of how many he'd already had. I answered that today, as many as he wanted. So we went one by one.

"And then and then and then Daddy gave me ... FOUR! All at once. It was like my birthday! I was excited."

So I asked Hyrum, "want blue M&M?"

"And I said, 'Want b'ue Ems.'"

That was really cool. We did that twice. Then he wanted peaches and we played with the peaches for a bit, and listened to some music

"Firebird and Duck song!"

Yes, Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance starring Donald Duck. And Hyrum said, "Want Duck Song." I commented to Joy that if we were speaking Spanish, that would have been a complete sentence.

After dinner, Hyrum said he wanted another M&M. I thought he'd had enough and knew that he only wanted to play with it and it was getting late. So I told him, "If you were to say 'I want blue M&M please,' I might consider it."

Joy says, "I think Hyrum heard the challenge in Daddy's voice."

Totally. He got this Look on his face, both excited and dared. And he tried to do it.

"Want boo Ems p'ease."

Joy and I looked at each other. I said, "I want blue M&M please."

He looked at me.

I helped him through it word by word. I. Want. Blue. Ems. Please.

I gave him the blue M&M pretty happily.

"Having proven myself, I gave the blue M&M back to show my magnanimity. Then Daddy put it back in the bag and I said, "I want.""

And I listened. I helped himt through it again. I. Want. Blue. Ems. Please. And I gave him the blue M&M.

He gave it back and we did it again. The next time, he got four words in a row, just left off the please.

Yeah, Daddy's fit to bust. Hyrum got major high 5's.

"Yeah, pretty soon now, Daddy'll put up a segment on the right side of the blog with funny things I say. He's been dying for it since I was twinkle."

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Grandma Jule said...




You can DO IT, big boy!!!

How lucky you are, to have such patient, loving, dedicated parents!

Way to go, D&J!!!
You deserve to thoroughly enjoy this little triumph. You've earned it!