Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hyrum's Favorites

Top 10ish Songs Most Played, December 2009-today
Bob the Builder Theme Song - 685 times
Halleluljah Chorus - 375 times
The Little Drummer Boy - 90 times
Come, Thou Fount - 38 times
Firebird Suite by Stravinsky - 36 times THIS WEEK "Firebird Song."
Today he asked me to "Draw Firebird" during church. I drew him three scenes from Fantasia 2000.
Pomp and Circumstance - 35 times THIS WEEK aka "Duck Song" (Fantasia 2000)
Pines of Rome - 33 times aka "Whale Song" (Fantasia 2000)
Silent Night - 31 times
All the Veggie Tales Silliest Songs - 24-30 times because they are "Dance Songs," but none asked for by name yet
Caroling, Caroling - 27 times
Battle Hymn of the Republic - 20 times
Old MacDonald - 19 times, plus however many Pop and Boo have sung it to him.

For the first time ever, Hyrum ate sacrament bread last week, and this week he ate cooked cookie dough (aka play dough) once. HOORAY!
Top 5 foods: Yogurt, Peaches n Pears, Chocolate, Cheese, and Banana.
5 former favorites he hasn't been eating: Ranch dip, green beans, butter, apples, play dough.

Favorite way to avoid going to bed: "Milk!" He goes through about two cups a night between the time we change his diaper and the time we turn out the lights, and then he drinks almost nothing the rest of the day to ensure we are willing to keep handing him another sippie no matter how late it gets.

He's made some great progress this week in pronunciation. Dilk has finally become milk. Sometimes, yogurt is actually yogurt, or at least yogogo, an improvement over gogo. Peachies are now peaches, and he's doing much better at asking for "more" of anything.

Fantasia 2000 is IN, Buzz is OUT. He has asked for "Duck song," "Whale song," and "Firebird song" more than anything; Buzz has only made one appearance this week. Just this second, he said, "Buzz out."

Parents are IN, Nursery is OUT. In the mornings, Hyrum has shown he is more interested in the parent who didn't come wake him up than he is in the TV. He used to say "yes" when I asked if he wanted to go to Nursery. Now he says "no" and stays near me for a couple minutes until the toys entice him away.

Hugs and kisses are IN, paying attention is OUT. He holds his finger to Mom's lips to have her kiss them.

Agency is IN, Singing is not OUT, but more optional. He takes the songbook away from Mommy and Daddy and declares, "Hyrum choose!" even though he never actually gets around to choosing a song for us to sing.

Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh are not IN, but upcoming; Bob is not OUT, but down. He asks to "hold" the Disney "D"VDs more than "Hold Bob" and sometimes asks for Pooh Bear instead of Bob.

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Ahh, the fickleness of youth!