Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Italy 1

And so with full hearts, we returned to the States. It was a really rough set of flights for Hyrum, who slept a total of half an hour during the almost 24 hours until the last flight into Ithaca from NYC. We had one sad, miserable boy with us. But I finally got him to sleep on that last flight and KEPT him asleep through the airport, into the car, and back home into his bed. Now THAT'S Dada Magic! (Speaking of Hyrum, he is currently sitting mesmerized by Grandma Boo's screensaver of an aquarium with noisy air bubbles and some swimming fish.)

If you want to know more about anything from our trip, you have only to ask and I can put up a lot more. Here, as is my wont, is a random set of pictures from all over the trip - the kind of images that might flash before our eyes as we go to sleep, dreaming of our wonderful once-in-a-lifetime trip three months ago.

Little Anna, the fairy

Cameos displayed in Venice.

St. Mary of the Miracle Church in Venice, another view.

A road through the Dolomites. On the other side on the left is the start of the waterfall trail.

The cafe of Castle Grad, Lake Bled, Slovenia

The Old Man and Lake Bled. From the top of the castle. Go, camera zoom!

At the Salburger Dom, there's this giant golden ball with a mannequin standing on top of it. From here, it looks very real.

A bird pond at the zoo near Verona.

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Grandma Jule said...

BEAUTIFUL shots! Again, thanks for sharing with us!