Monday, December 21, 2009

Italy Random 2

Italy's pizza was remarkably disappointing. A disappointing pizzeria in Murano put us on our guard. We saw many pizza shops, all with very uncheesed, lack of sauce, lack of toppings, lumps of dough. Other than the good one we found in Verona, we had one other good one. Saturday night with DeWayne and Mari we had a big ol' feast with some cheese and jam, lots of sugary treats, and this pizza: half ham, half fries and sausage. The sausage was a lot less spicy than American "Italian" sausage. Joy remembers it being pretty good and we ate it pretty fast. We also played Thurn and Taxis several times.

"Hi there. Hy here, briefly. Italy was one of the first times I climbed into a toy car and moved around in it. I only drive Ferrari.

"On our way back from Venice, I opened my eyes just a moment from my nap and this is what I saw from the water bus.

"My favorite Venice memory, though, was Mom and Dad coming back from their gondola ride. Here we were in the restaurant that put the fear of running out of money during our first week in Dad. He vowed to go out to eat as little as possible after that, but didn't tell anyone. ... If he didn't tell anyone, how do I know? First sons just know these things. The rest of Italy wasn't as expensive, though, so he recovered soon enough. My poor dad."

That'll do, Hy.

Here's another shot of Venice from the bus boat.

Remember that old bridge we found while exploring in the Dolomites? Here's Sammy crawling across it with his dad looking over him.

Later on in the Dolomite National Park, another beautiful waterfall.

The front of Miramare castle. Man, was that place impressive. I may have taken extra shots of the outside to compensate for not having enough of the inside. You can find a couple over at Wikipedia and view Google Image Search but there really aren't many online either. They do a disservice to their own tourism not posting some.

The mysterious albino ostrich. That zoo really specialized in albino livestock.

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