Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Created a Monster

In one day, Hyrum insisted on listening to the Hallelujah Chorus more than 50 times. We need a better system.

The one we've tried this weekend goes like this:

Hyrum comes up and says, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" This is how he asks for the chorus.

We play it.

He says, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" again. We say, "No, it's Mommy's turn."

Mom gets to pick a song. Then Dad gets to pick a song if he's home. Having now patiently waited for two songs to pass, he sometimes forgets to ask for his again, so we get through 2-3 more songs before he comes up to ask for "Yeah" again and restart the process. Sometimes, he'll even like the song we picked and ask for it "'Gain! 'gain! 'gain!" in which case we listen to it a-gain, that was his turn and we bypass the Chorus.

Occasionally we remind him, asking, "Is it your turn?" and he says "Tu'n." By the time we got to the evening yesterday, though, we were just as glad that we had to help him get in his dinner chair - that means no music during dinner. Imagine, Derrill wanting no music at dinner!

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