Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Hi there. Hy here. I've had a busy week. Before Dad can get to the boring details, I thought I'd tell you all about MY week.

We packed up the car Monday morning and transferred to another car. We were in that car forever! We finally landed in Alexandria, Virginia where Dad's "adopted" sister and her family live. Mom and Dad adopt a lot of people.

They have a little girl who's 9 months old in 12-18 month clothes named Emma. I liked Emma a lot. I even learned to say her name! emMa. Ma. Ma. emMa. She's really cute. I couldn't stop hugging her. Until she started pushing me away, anyway. I'd respect her space, then give her another hug to let her know I understood and it was okay.

I always wanted to play with the book or toy she was playing with, and I'd follow her parents when they put her down for a nap or when they got her up. They taught me about a wonderful new food: grapes! Grapes are wonderful. I could eat them all day.

I really missed my Dada. I didn't get to see him for two whole days! I just about drove Mama out of her skin with missing him.

Thursday Dada came back to us and we piled in the new car again. When I woke up, I was back in my own little bed. We had a nice Friday at home while Mama and Dada did laundry and I tore up the place (at least, when Mama and I weren't doing errands.) This is me eating peaches all over the place.

Saturday we got in our old car again! What's up with all this driving around? We got to a place where everyone was dressing in bright colors. My favorite part was at the beginning where these guys in dresses played really loud music on drums, bagpipe, and Rauschfeif - the noise pipe. It's the top part you stick on a bagpipe. They were a lot of fun and, as they requested, Dada tossed me in the air at the end of every song. They seemed to think excitement was throwing babies in the air. They said I'd have to come back for their other gigs.

This is me in a mirror while Mama looked at some headdresses.

I got to meet the queen (she's blindfolded so it doesn't ruin the surprise). Mama talked to her lady in waiting and complimented her on her dress. The lady was weird: she started to go off about how nice it was to have clothes and how nice they felt.

Mama got to ride the camel. She was way up high and giggled. She had never ridden on a camel before. Dad says I can ride on a camel some day when I'm older. Mama said the camel walks like it's pregnant: waddle, waddle, waddle. It has a slow waddle.

I also really enjoyed the jousting. I'll have to get Dad to post some videos. We got back in the car, they changed me into my jammies, and I woke up back home again, ready for church. I wonder what they have planned for me next week!

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