Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two interesting reads

With a hat tip to Marginal Revolution, some new research on how choice of majors impacts religious devotion. Bottom line: religious people are more likely to go to college. Once there, business and education majors get more religious, humanities and particularly (oh the shame!) social scientists get less religious, and bio and physical sciences have no effect. One commenter noted that there are some serious measurement problems with determining how 'devoted' one is after controlling for attendance.

The second is a diverting piece by Scott Sumner, whose usual beat is monetary policy. Today, though, he's posting a thought experiment on modern federalism called The American Union: or how a right-winger learned to stop worrying and love the EU. Now paging Dr. Strangesumner. (I also highly recommend his discussion of the monetary side of the current financial crisis: quite unorthodox and rather long-winded but decidedly convincing.)

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