Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cuter and Cuterer

Hyrum is getting better at hugging. Particularly when it's time to get his diaper changed, he stands up and grips Joy or me with tender, fervent affection. We're so hug starved usually that he can delay his diaper change for 2-3 minutes that way! But sometimes he's willing to hug just because he wants to. And it's so sweet when he does.

Hy is also doing better with the concept of "soft." He'll slap one of us in the face and (after a brief time out) we remind him to be Soft. He then strokes our cheek so softly and lovingly!

We mentioned his love of music and conducting earlier. Here he is opening my Fathers' Day card from last year and conducting the Seventh Inning Stretch today.

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