Monday, July 27, 2009

Food storage bleg

Church leaders, who probably didn't quite have this in mind, have been recommending that we put in our food storage things we actually eat. So we are about to embark on a food storage adventure and purchase an 11 pound bar (yes, I think the website says it's all ONE bar) of dark chocolate on the cheap. We could use a little help. (No, Little Red Hen, we'll eat it all ourselves, thanks.)

1) Do you need to refrigerate or do anything clever in summer to preserve that much chocolate?

2) Any suggestions on breaking it up into manageable pieces?
Joy: "I think we'll need a pick axe."

3) Do you want to be my friend? ;)
Joy: "Ohhhh dear."

~About This Product~
~Our premium 60% dark chocolate. Measures 15 7/8" x 9 7/8" x 1 1/2".~

Wish us luck.


Sapphire Sting said...

4) When you move out of that trailer home in a couple of years and still haven't broken out THE BAR, do you plan to try transporting it or do you simply plan to break out the extra-large fondue pot and 11 pounds of strawberries?

Grandma Jule said...

Unless the company has put some pretty heady preservatives into that monster, it's going to MELT if you don't keep it below a certain temperature. Yes, I would definitely recommend refrigeration of some kind.

2. Have you never purchased a one pound box of toffee from Sees? It comes with a darling little "candy hammer," specifically designed for breaking bite-sized pieces from bricks of confection.

Alternatively, you can shave curles off the edges (if the bar isn't TOO cold) with a warm knife. . .

3. I thought I *was* your friend! &:-(
But you can keep your dark chocolate, because it gives me headaches! And I'll STILL be your friend, Little Red Hen!