Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's Hyrum saying now?

Mostly he mumbles, gurgles, shrieks, cries, and laughs. He has a pretty good "mamamamama" mumble, but he still doesn't use it to call Joy.

On Thursday, though, I picked him up from the floor. As he arced up to me, he said in the clearest tones imaginable, "Hiiiii!"

Of course, maybe he said "Hyyyy!" Never can tell.

Unfortunately, he hasn't reproduced the sound since, so I'm not entirely convinced it's his first word. The baby book will wait.

This means that if Joy and I want to have something cute to report for him, we have to make it up ourselves. Tonight he was crawling around on the floor commando style and attacked Joy's foot. She called out to him, asking if he had become a vampire. She then filled in this response for him: "Not yet, Mom. I haven't finished all the classes."
Speaking of the boy genius, Hyrum's toys have mostly been stuffed animals to this point, plus a couple flashy noise makers or bouncy things. We have other toys ... we just never got them out. Yesterday while he was at the Fredricks' though (because Joy was called in for jury duty and then excused), he got his first ever chance to play with a toy car. Joy watched him roll it back and forth exactly like a car. She is amazed that he has picked up what cars do and can play with them so well, even though we've never handed him one before. Today she got out the rest of his toys - blocks and toy people and a monster truck and a fake pool and such. He likes the truck and the people the best so far.

Course, he still thinks the computer, the piano, and the Wii Fit board must be the most fun things in the world since Mommy and Daddy spend so much time on them.....
He goes in to the doctor tomorrow for another check up and some S-H-O-T-S.
Hyrum says, "Oh, I see Mom get those all the time, Dad. No big deal."

Oh my goodness. While typing this, he upgraded his couch climbing skills. He pushed off the from the couch and balanced on his knees for about 30 seconds to a minute, swaying forward and back. This of course freaked his mother out "as she tries not to show it, and frankly I'm doing a good job right now," Joy interjects.

Dad doesn't help much. He cheers, claps, and catches the falling baby with his foot. "Mommy doesn't catch the falling baby. He only does it because he's a daredevil," she declares decidedly.

He was about to do it again and cried because I wasn't paying attention. Once I turned to look, he smiled and laughed.

I love my boy.

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