Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Hyrum, mo. 4-6

July 1
"Now, Dad, promise me when you do your next random Hyrum pictures blog that you will NOT use this picture."

On one condition, son: under no circumstances may you do a nose dive off the dryer while my back is turned. I tie you down to your changing table for a reason. (Guess what happened last Saturday? He took the changing table with him.)

July 16
Grandma's arm: tastes great AND less filling!

July 21
"Mom, why does Dad laugh so hard when you say I'm covered in Pooh?"

July 22
"Dad, what did he mean by that? Y'know, the part about the me being the harbinger of the Numerian eschatological apocalypse."

August 2
"I learned this great new trick from Mom's visiting teacher today. Pull my finger."

Aug 3
Joy's caption:
"Please don't interrupt us, Dad. We're doing important business here."

Aug 10
"Captain's Log: Stardate 81034.3. Commander Lamb and I explored the surface of the alien world K'Chen. The gravity is three times Earth standard, so we had to crawl on our knees to their leader to beg for milk."

Aug 24
"My Dad is so OLD! 30! I can't even count that high! He's almost 70 times older than I am. Hoowee. Man, I hope they just shoot me if I get over 5. It's all downhill from there."

Aug 27
1: "To be or ... um ... erm ... line?"

2: "... then I got that baby-in-the-headlights look..."

3: "This thing's hollow ... it goes on forever .... and ... duuuude ... It's full of milk."

Aug 28,
Joy's caption:
"If you think that was good, just wait til you taste my milk!"

Derrill's caption:
"abadya, abadya, abadya, That's all folks!"

The best part of doing this series of random pics was it reminded me of some of the stories I haven't told yet, but got pictures for. So there may be more blogs ahead: Return of the Evil Overlord, Dancing with the Parents, and Learning to Read with Hyrum.

In other news, Hyrum now eats oatmeal and peaches. He enjoys his oatmeal, but he LOVES peaches. He's getting better at grabbing the spoon and stuffing it in his mouth. He's also slowly improving his crawl - I made him crawl 3 paces for his milk this morning. He stared at me for a couple minutes with this, "Are you serious?" look on his face. Then he gathered his courage and raced forward to tag the milk bottle. I was impressed.

He also played on our Wii Fit this week. When I got off the balance board/scale, he crawled up to it and started banging on the top, trying to get the characters to move. He's one smart cookie, that kid. He has also figured out how to change the channel on the remote control and how to hide things under the couch, including my 2-liter soda bottles.


Sapphire Sting said...

So, trying to understand the reference, I looked up "Numerian eschatological apocalypse." on Google. Guess what the first hit to come up was? Try it for a laugh.

Crystal said...

Oh this post made me laugh a ton. And I have VERY cute pictures of Hyrum from the branch social. I'll send them all along soon.