Sunday, September 28, 2008

Climb every couch cushion

Hyrum has had many new adventures in cuteness lately.

For instance, our branch president left the door to his office open last week. Hyrum immediately stopped playing with the poster on the floor and headed straight for the bishop's office. I think he wanted a temple recommend.....

By far Hyrum's most frightening new trick is that he can get up on his knees in his crib and grasp the top of the bars. We'll be lowering the bed again tomorrow (when Joy gets back from jury duty).

"Baby wanna cracker ... and some milk, please."

Me and my buddy. Friends forever. :D

(Interestingly, we were both in red Cornell shirts that day.)

I already posted videos of Hyrum's larger crawl, but I liked this shot of how high his hand is starting to reach in his crawl.

Hyrum decides hamburger is his official fourth approved food. Now he has all five food groups! Oatmeal, peaches, yams, hamburger, and Mommy Milk (TM). Next up: rice cereal (maybe) and bananas.

Hyrum's big new trick is to grab on to the couch or his Exersaucer or a chair and try to climb to a standing position. He can't make it yet - just to his knees so far. Then he falls and hits his face. Then he gets mad and cries ... and tries again! Go, Son!

But the big news was during the branch Opening Social. Hyrum came over and talked to the Lees for a bit, and showed off his bouncing to some of the guys (who ridiculed him), and then ... he met Millie.

Without any prompting, she reached out and grabbed his hands, staring into his eyes in a most eager manner. Hyrum looked back for a moment, then turned away and said, in his best John Wayne baby voice, "Awww, shucks, Ma'am." Since his daddy's the membership clerk, he didn't even have to ask for her phone number. Mom says, "He's been interested in the cell phone ever since!"

Millie Waltman's parents have not confirmed if this is normal for her, but Crystal Hunt happened to be taking baby pictures that night and sent us these two treasures.

We'll let you know when Hyrum calls her up for a play date.

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Shari said...

So sweet! I love the pictures. Hyrum really is adorable. I miss him....

When will life calm down so we can get together again?

p.s. I love Hyrum's crib set!