Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Forum - Sept 26 and before

Eliza Brown and I team-teach an Institute class out here called the Friday Forum. A bunch of students get together at lunch time on Friday to enjoy a discussion about sundry gospel topics while the CES missionaries make us lunch. I set up a page on my website for the Forum articles, but since it's difficult to remember that address, I thought it might be a good idea to link to the articles here also, so anyone interested can see what we'll be discussing any given week. Feel free to come!

I met the Forum my first semester at Cornell, and it's really been one of the highlights of being here for me. That first year I had a strong impression that it had the potential to become a School of the Prophets (see the later verses of Doctrine and Covenants 88). We teach each other the doctrines of the gospel, on average more people are prepared for it than for church classes and so the discussions are more involved, there's a lot of discussion but we make use of the words of our modern leaders and scriptures to make sure we don't stray too far, we can cover topics that would never make it to Sunday School, and it's a great opportunity to feel the Spirit and share some gospel with friends. I love it! I was thrilled when the Hauns asked if I would teach it four years ago, and I still love leading the discussions now. Thank you to everyone near and far who have made Forum such a fulfilling part of Cornell for me.

So each week I'll include a short post here with links to the articles.

The last two weeks we've talked about improving ourselves and retention. The next two are based on requests from class members: Religion and Politics and The Divine Institution of Marriage. Please feel free to make comments about the articles (including things you would like to see covered if you're coming to the class) here on the blog. I can bring them to class if you can't make it, for instance. The Online Friday Forum!

For those who want the full-texts on which the excerpted readings above are based because they are EXCELLENT ... uh, I'll get a few links up in a couple days. It's bedtime and we're still sick.

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