Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bring Back the Baby

Hi, everyone! It's me again! I've got some exciting news, but Dad hasn't uploaded all the new pictures yet, so I thought I'd share some of my recent ... ADVENTURES ... IN ... CUTENESS!

(After all, it's really me you all come to see. No offense, Dad, but politics schmolitics. Bring back the baby!)

I have two bottom teeth (that you can't quite see in this picture, but oh well). They're coming in further and further. No other teeth are in sight yet.

In addition to the oatmeal, peaches, yams, and - new today - hamburger, I work on eating toes.

This is me eating one of Dad's toes. You can see the telltale slobber. I like looking at the camera, though, so I stopped playing with the toe

I also really like shoes. I chase Mommy's shoes all over the floor, and then I untie them. When Mom took off her shoe, I got to keep it. I also tried to get her sock off, but that didn't work.

Dogs chase cars. Cats chase balls of string. I chase shoes.

Speaking of cats, Dad is proud of me. I roll things under the couch, just like his cat used to roll things into his shoes. Mom thinks I just can't get to them anymore and that's why they stay there.

I play with more than feet and shoes, though. I enjoy reading, particularly scriptures. After I ripped a page out of the phone book, Mom doesn't let me play with her Bible anymore. At least Dad still lets me take apart The Economist after he's done with it.

Most of the time I spend exploring, but sometimes it's nice to be held too. Mom seems to enjoy it even more than I do.

The other day, Mom and Dad actually let me watch TV. This is me watching Fraggle Rock. Dad had about the same expression on his face at the time, only he can remain upright while watching TV.....

Look for more exciting adventures, coming soon!

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