Sunday, September 7, 2008

This just in ...

... in Hyrum's mouth, that is. Tonight on no-pay-per-view: Hyrum vs. Oatmeal!

"I knew something was up. This was the first time I saw Mom and Dad eating at a table when we didn't have company since we moved to our new home. Then they put me in this weird new chair that they covered in plastic bags. Suspicious? I think so."

"Then they started eating in front of me. They always do. Steak, pizza, ice cream, never offering to share. Dad even teased me this time and asked if I was interested in eating it too. This is me saying, 'ohhhhh yeah, would I!"

"And they gave me some! Mom had a little bowl next to her with the oatmeal in it, and she gave me some! Put it on a spoon and stuck in my mouth, she did! Boy, was I surprised! After WEEKS of not being offered anything but milk..."

"I'm still the same Hyrum, of course, so I tried to assert control at once, taking the spoon to try to feed myself."

"I spent most of the time trying to reach for the bowl before I figured out that the spoon was where the action was."

"Mom gave me the first spoonfuls, and then Dad took a turn. He was really excited, and I was starting to get the hang of it by the end."

"Open wide, then close so it doesn't fall out. I did even better eating it today!"

"How do I like oatmeal? It's grrrrrreat!"

"I heard a rumor that there may be an exciting new food coming up later this week ... peaches! What are those?"


Grandma Jule said...

Congratulations, Hyrum!!! And welcome to the world of REAL FOOD!!! There's no turning back now!

Time for your dad to get out all the Dr. Seuss books . . . &;-)

Shari said...

First foods are so exciting. I always love to see the first reaction on their faces when they get something new, especially the fruits. So cute.

Yep, that's the same travel booster seat that we have. I love it! It's perfect for Branch/Ward dinners or going to friends houses.