Monday, June 2, 2008

a very unimportant post

We've had so much going on, and so many thing to share, but the only thing I have time enough to do justice to right now is the least important. It's not even worth capitalizing the title.

I take occasional playbreaks while working to sort things out in my mind, and the game of the last few months has been Mahjong: The Endless Journey. The endless journey has been trying to finally get an "A" during one of their "adventure" modes. You play six rounds of increasing difficulty and the total of your score from those six rounds is then summed up to figure out your final "grade."

I even used econometric analysis to determine the optimal strategy! I was getting just a little bit obsessive compulsive ... given that it's something I only do once or twice a day anyway.
Last week, just before we moved, I finished my last game and saw this screen. I was so happy. 55377 points for my first A.
Clear signs of overachieverhood, yes. Clear signs of going through withdrawal from being considered an overachiever back in my undergrad days, yes. But when you struggle with whether you can do something so grand as write a dissertation and raise a family, continually getting at best mediocre scores on a stupid video game is also demoralizing (which is why I haven't played Civilization IV in a few months).

I got my A. Somehow, everything else will sort itself out too.

I am so weird.

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Grandma Jule said...

It isn't *really* bad until you're playing a version of Mah Jong that gives you a Chinese "fortune" when you win, and you can't go to bed until you've won a game because that's the only place you can turn to find hope for the next day . . . .