Sunday, June 22, 2008

Time after time

I am so thankful for time with family. I am a firm believer that nothing can substitute for one on one time to get to know someone. And that time must be had over and over because people change and there is still more to get to know even with and especially with our family members. I have been grateful for time with Derrill, and he could testify that I did not stress over anything that needed to be done at home until we were on our way home from our anniversary trip. I am learning that holding worries aside until later is part of not only having a romantic time with my spouse, but also enjoying any time with someone. So the time we spend with others is important but can also be made more enjoyable by the attitude we have while we spend time with them.

This is important for me as I spend time with my sweet baby, whether it be normal feeding and diaper changes or some other outing that is different for the day. I am especially grateful for time with family right now, since Derrill's family has started getting together again on Sunday evenings to chat online. When we get together even through the internet, it feels like we are not so far away from each other and that we really do have a support system that is interested in our lives beyond just those in our home. I also appreciate those who make comments on our blogs. It so nice to have other friends out there that we know care how things are going and want to keep in touch.

I guess each moment of being in contact with loved ones and friends has become more pronounced to me, since I spend more time at home than I used to. It is so wonderful to know all of you, I love you all very much and hope that you have a terrific week and summer.

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