Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our New Home

We are the proud of owners of a mobile home!
(Whether we're proud of the fact or not, we still own it, so we might as well be proud.)

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary - part 2 - by spending the night away from boxes in our little island paradise that Joy decorated. (Part 1 was a couple wonderful meals I prepared for her special and some surprises. The real celebration is part 3, which we postponed until later next week.)

Her wonderful decorating job was the best thing that had happened in a very stressful day. It really was beautiful.

Sadly, the towels Joy got for our sandy floor ... shed. She washed her face the next morning and got little blue pieces of fuzz all over her.

It's pretty exciting to be home owners. Something we always wanted. Joy is particularly glad that we are starting on a small scale.

Our spacious bathroom

The hall before

If you like, I'll give you a quick tour of the place before the boxes get here. In the first video, I stand in the direct center of the living room/kitchen and turn in a circle. In the second, I start in one end of the house (the office/baby room) and walk to the other end (our bedroom).

And then last Friday ... the movers came! We are SO THANKFUL for everyone's help. Joy described it as an army of ants that came whizzing by her, whisking away boxes [some of them bigger than Tim Tran!] so fast she couldn't keep track of what had left and was left. We were packed and unpacked in record time! Thank you so very much, everyone, for your wonderful assistance. We are immensely grateful.

The hall after -->

Last Saturday we spent all day cleaning our old apartment until midnight. We were thoroughly exhausted for church the next day when church moved from 11am to 9am ... AND OUR ALARM DIDN'T GO OFF! "So this new Mom and Dad woke up at 8:20 for 9am church and live a little farther away than they used to," and with nothing unpacked yet to boot! I was impressed that we made it on time. We may have to try that more often. ... Joy's face tells me, Maybe not. "Mommy insisted we be ready for Sunday when we moved." I married a prophetess.

Now if I could only remember where we put Hyrum....
"Just look up at the first picture, honey."
Oh right, there he is.


Shelly said...

Congrats on the home Derrill. I know that I was thrilled to get my own house, istead of renting an apartment. The biggest plus for us is a fenced-in backyard for the kids to play in. I hope you enjoy your new home!!!

themeese2 said...

I just have to chuckle at the ending shot of the second video! Tee Hee!

Congrats on the new home, guys!

Grandma Jule said...


Reminds me of the summer I spent in Vernal with my grandparents . . . except that their trailor didn't have a bedroom "behind" the living room.

Looks cozy! ENJOY!!!