Friday, February 4, 2011

Someone Else's Favorite Music

We're in process of backing up this computer so we can wipe its memory *grumble grumble, Vista grumble Dell grumble 5th time grumble grumble*. And part of that means making sure I have CD copies of all the music I've bought online and finally burning some CDs I've been meaning to for a long time but never getting around to it ... like a CD of Weird Al favorites so I don't have to rip 7 CDs for a couple dozen songs.

So, let it be known that these are the songs going on Derrill's Favorite Weird Al Yankovic CD. Any recommendations on great songs I missed?

Weird Al was a very important part of surviving high school. He was a gateway drug to tolerating all sorts of modern music I otherwise couldn't stand -- except when it was being mocked. There is a lot of music I doubt I would enjoy today without that early exposure. He inspired my own parody writings, not least of which my last talent show entry. (I'm still looking for a video of that.) There was comfort in knowing that even though I was widely known among the jock community as "Crazy Derrill" I was in fun company. Like "Weird" Al, I am not on a first-adjective basis with anyone. He also served as a welcoming Shibboleth once I got to college: anyone who would publicly acknowledge him was probably fun and mostly harmless.

Top 5
Midnight Star
Buy Me a Condo
Ode to a Superhero

Next 5
Your Horoscope for Today
Hardware Store
Theme from Rocky XIII
The Saga Begins

The rest in some semblance of an order

A Complicated Song
The White Stuff (in the middle of an Oreo)
(This Song's Just) Six Words Long
I Think I'm a Clone Now
I Love Rocky Road
Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
One More Minute
Living in the Fridge
I Lost on Jeopardy
Since You've Been Gone

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