Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hyrum's Top Ten: 2010

Yes, the moment I'm sure you've ALL been waiting for: Hyrum's Top 10 of 2010, with some new favorites added for good measure. Life's been hectic and blogging scarce or I'd've done it sooner and only realized two weeks ago I hadn't yet. Anyway, here goes:

Top 10 of 2010 by Play Count                                     by Hours
Bob the Builder - 893                                      Tarantara - 35:38
Hallelujah Chorus (MoTab) - 524                   Chorus - 34:21
Tarantara - 450                                              Musicological Journey Through 12 Days of Christmas - 20:04
Praise the Man (Hoffman) - 228                     Pines of Rome - 16:55
76 Trombones - 211                                       Pomp and Circumstance - 15:13
Mickey Mouse Club March - 201                   Bob the Builder - 14:38
Let's Go Fly a Kite - 182                                 Firebird - 13:31
The Little Drummer Boy - 176                        Praise the Man - 13:21
10 Little Indians - 149                                     Little Drummer Boy - 11:47
Feed the Birds - 146                                       76 Trombones - 10:47

So Hyrum (and we) spent nearly an entire day and a half last year listening to Tarantara and the Hallelujah Chorus. The amazing thing to me is that Joy still doesn't have either one memorized.

To kick off 2011 I got tired of counting up 800 of this and 100 of that and a top screen that never changed even though he hasn't really listened to some of those top 10 songs in months. So I copied any song he'd listened to more than 25 times to a flash drive, deleted them from the hard drive, and then put them back on again, resetting their counters at 0. I also added a lot more music to his playlist to see if I can induce some new favorites. His current favorites would still rise rapidly to the top and his top playlist for the last 6 months was in the car to give them all some help.

In the last two months then, here's how his new Top Ten is shaking out:
Hark All Ye Nations - 104
Bob the Builder - 100
Looky Look (VeggieTales) - 59
Watch Me Go (I'm a Happy Girl) - 55
Give a Little Whistle - 48
Sixteen Going on Seventeen - 42
Tarantara - 35
WALL-E Dancing - 33
All of Me - 28
Hallelujah Chorus - 28

Lots of new stuff! And the songs he really doesn't care about anymore are drifting slowly away into obscurity while his 2010 Top Three are still hanging out in the 2011 Top Ten.

Hyrum has LOVED The Sound of Music that he got for Christmas, particularly asking me to sing songs from it every night as I put him to bed. It used to be "Sound of Music" was the nightly request until I introduced him to "Consider Yourself" from Oliver!, and that's the current nightly request. Sixteen Going on Seventeen (or the bedtime version "you are 2 going on 3") and Maria's Wedding March are also highly sought after.

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