Saturday, February 12, 2011

All Too Easy

I've been having a series of vivid, unsettling dreams this week. Last night's was particularly good and all too easy to understand and decipher.

I dreamed I was on LOST. I managed to escape the island, only to realize that with four other castaways and the pilot from the show on board, we were in trouble. We crashed. I woke up and saw the gray-haired face of Jen. She told me that I was back on the island and it had been ten years since I had tried to escape. I screamed and just rocked in a fetal position, sobbing in the dream.

Now to understand the dream, you need only know one thing: Jen came to Ithaca with me nine years ago.

And we're both ... still ... here.

Aaaaaaaaah! Get me outta here!

(Jen is not gray haired. She looked a bit like Katherine Janeway in the dream, which is also appropriately symbolic.)

(Pictured right: my office.)

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