Thursday, February 10, 2011

Matched by Ally Condie - A Joy Post

I am not usually a person that takes time to review books, but Matched is really excellent and I have to share how I feel about it. Ally I really love this book.

My favorite genera of books are romance books, but I am really picky. I will not read anything that is focused on physical intimacy, mystery, murder, or lacks a family focus. I am similarly picky about other media, but that is a different subject. I also don't really get into sci-fi. The book has to have a good plot and characters that grow and change. Many clean romance books have little of quality in them, but I love to find one that does.

Matched is a masterpiece. I have enjoyed some of Ally's books in the past, but I was transfixed for most of the book. It only took me a chapter or two to get into and I could hardly put it down. It has character development and a new world to explore. It has a tender love story that is built as all true love ought to be in tender moments and memories that are priceless to the individuals, but that no one else would see the same. Intimacy is so much more than physical and the relationship is alive with anticipations, and shared dreams and hopes and reality in a world where many have lost touch with what that means.

Matched is so well crafted I can't wait to read it again with my husband and I look forward to the sequel. I only wish I had started reading it when all three were already out. Waiting is hard. I have not been completely WOWed over a book in a long time. Great job Ally. I love it and I think that you are great too.

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