Friday, June 11, 2010

From Six Flags with Hugs

We went to Six Flags: New England with my brother and his wife last week. They had free tickets for us thanks to their season passes, so we got to enjoy a nice day together at the park with almost no one there. The first advantage to the small crowds was that Hyrum got to meet the characters with no wait. Actually, they were vying for HIS attention!

His first character hug was Granny (owner of Tweety Bird), but Daffy scared him a little. We had neglected to introduce him to ANY of the Loony Toons characters before. But he liked Bugs. He ran right up to Bugs, gave him high fives all over the place, and lots of hugs.

He ran back and forth between Bugs and Scooby to give them hugs, and with no one else trying to play with them, he got their undivided attention. There was also some weird green alien/dinosaur/dragon that wanted a hug, but Hyrum said no.

We smiled a lot, proud out our Is-This-OUR-Son hugging all around, and said, "Yup, he's going to be ready for Disneyland!"


Grandma Jule said...

Great pics! Thanks!

Emilee said...

Steve here in disguise. As it turns out, the green dinosaur thing is a Wiggles creation by the name of Rosie.