Tuesday, June 15, 2010

No longer a gentleman

Some of the side-effects of the branch talent show were unexpected. One was that I got to hold on to the borrowed accordion for much longer than anticipated. About 6 weeks longer! Hyrum rejoiced.

Another was thsy Joy learned the awful truth: her husband was serious about wanting to be a gentleman. Hunh? you ask. Well, you may recall that the definition of a gentleman is someone who can play the bagpipe or the accordion, but doesn't. That means those instruments have been high on my list of "next instruments I want to learn to play." Joy never realized I was serious.

Then there was even hope we might get to the Keep the accordion! The sister who owned it never played it. The sister she lent it to first was moving and her hubby was making them get rid even of furniture, so there was a good chance we might be allowed to keep this gorgeous, classic wonder. Hyrum had even learned to call it by name ("cordion") and request Praise the Man or Tarantara or Spirit of God on it. Daddy had started playing around on it in earnest, figuring out how to instantly transpose simple songs, change to minor keys, and play the same song with different voicings....

They wants it back, my precious. The nice husband said she can keep it, Cordion. Cordion.


If anyone took a video of the talent show, please let me know.

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Grandma Boo grieves with thee