Monday, June 14, 2010

Dryden Dairy Day

Hi there. Hy here.

This weekend we went to the Dryden Dairy Day with my good friends. I used to be best friends with their son who's older then me. Then I wanted to go there to play with their baby. Now I'm excited to go see their mommy. She even watched me during a choir number at church and I was sad to leave. That's cause she got me a Bob the Builder jumpsuit. I'm wearing it in the picture!

Anyway, we went to the parade. I liked the trucks okay, except their horns were too loud. The best part was the trombones in the two bands that came marching by. I wanted to see them Again!

I got a chance to hug Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Six Flags taught me you can trust people in polymascotfoamalate.

I also ran up to pet the sheep. It wasn't very wooly, but it still talked to me. The horses left some candy on the road, but it got cleaned up before the kids could get to it.

Mommy is calling me away to go to bed now, so I'll tell you all about playing with the bunny later. That's all for now!

Oh yeah, and I got a chocolate bug!

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Shari said...

Yay, Hyrum, I'm so glad we are such good buddies now! I thought you would like the Bob the Builder outfit, but I really didn't understand HOW MUCH you'd absolutely love it!!! You're such a cutie!