Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite Hyrum Phrases

Again again again

Try again

Doesn't work - he also uses this for chocolate milk that isn't chocolaty enough

Oh yes!

"Wake up" sometimes is used instead of "Get up"

He invites me into his room each morning with "Come in." Sometimes when Mommy goes to the ladies' room, he asks her to rejoin him in the hallway with "Come in" also.

This week we are teaching him to say "May I have _____, please" instead of "I want."

He was outside playing with bubbles and said, "I got you!"

No tickle. ... Tickle! Tickle! ... No tickle.

We are glad that he rarely says "No sing" anymore. Joy reports that he makes it pretty obvious, though, when she shouldn't sing.

When I put him in pause, I used to ask him to count to 10 to show me he had calmed down. Then that became too easy. So I started asking him to recite the alphabet. Now that's too easy - he starts reciting it as soon as I grab him for pause, thinking it will get him out. Next he's trying to count up to 30 to prove it to us - without us asking.

He mentioned his sleep game earlier. Here's a video of us playing it at my brother's house this month. We played it yesterday at WalMart - I piled three large bean bag chairs on top of him laying down. He smiled so happily and asked for another one.

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