Thursday, June 17, 2010

May Pictures 3-2

Corning Glass Museum

A cup within a cup. Very ingenious.

In the section on Medieval glass you turn a corner to see a rounded stone arch and this stained glass shining on a very rare cup. Since they don't allow flash, my shot of the entire scene is pretty off. But the window turned out okay I think.

Another decoration where I'm most impressed by the angling of the shadows to make it look like four counter-cyclical sculptures.

Six Flags: New England has a rule about pictures. You can't take any pictures while on the ride, but you can from a distance. So most of our pictures involve Hyrum having fun.

Joy and Emie kept pointing to get Hyrum to watch the camera. By the end he finally decided he was having fun.

Hyrum's very first character hug. Granny knelt down just like we do, stretched out her arms for a hug, and up he ran. It was pretty magical. Thanks, Granny. You helped make the trip.

Hyrum's first solo ride was in their helicopter. We're not sure if he pushed the button or if the operator did to make it rise up, but he loved it. They wouldn't let grown ups on the ride, so our tall two year old got to fly solo. What a happy boy!

He also enjoyed riding in the bus... the bus that acted like a ferris wheel!


There are two or three areas for children to play. Despite us spending most of the day between them in the grown up section, Hy was remarkably well behaved and happy the whole day through. We all took turns sitting out while the others rode.

Hyrum and Daddy also got to fly together, but when we were in the air the plane kind of blocks your view of the cute one.

Hyrum's favorite ride was a pirate ship that not only swings back and forth, but also spins.

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SMT Family said...

I just wanted to leave a quick note saying "Hi" to Joy! Seeing a pic of Joy made me so happy and reminded me of how often she would make my day just by sending a smile my way. Thanks for making my day again even though I am not in Ithaca :)

Sending love and best wishes,