Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh my

Joy and I were laying on the couch trying not to be sick when we noticed a sound coming from around the rocking chair. I was perfectly placed to get these two videos.

Joy tells me this is not the first time. He regularly practices his consonants and vowels over a few books.

It makes a couple nerds very proud to see their son trying to read. The book he grabbed (Goldilocks told as a poem involving discussion of good manners) isn't even one we have read to him before and is rather heavier on words than pictures compared to standard 15-month-old fare.


THE GREEN MandMS said...

Very Cute I love it

Shari said...

That was fun to watch. It's fun to hear him jabbering.

Grandma Jule said...

Wow! Is it as obvious to you-all as it is to me that he's "reading" "Is Your Mama a Llama?"

It's that "OOOooohhh, I see!" that's the real giveaway.

Take it from me, it doesn't get ANY better than this!

Grandma Jule said...

OK, Hyrum: the race is on! Can you beat my record?

You've got until next Easter, by which time you must:

1. Choose a #1 FAVORITE book
2. Get your folks to read it to you SO MANY TIMES that you actually MEMORIZE it WORD-FOR-WORD!
3. Then, at an Easter party, you must ask someone to read your favorite book to you, at which time you will AMAZE them when you appear to READ IT TO THEM *WORD PERFECT* turning the pages at the right places, etc.

(That's what *I* did with "'Twas the Night Before Christmas' when I was 25 months old.)

Can you beat me, Hyrum?

(I wouldn't be surprised!!)