Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hyrum Conducts, Haircuts, and Grows

We have mentioned that Hyrum enjoys music. When the organ at church starts playing the introduction to a hymn, he starts waving his arms to conduct it and remind Joy (our chorister) to start conducting. He will sometimes wave his arm up and down at home to get us to conduct the music. Here is Hyrum enjoying watching me "conduct" the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in my pajamas over the baby monitor this morning.

(hmph. On our computer, you can see Hy laughing and smiling and enjoying himself, but at this resolution it only seems that I'm enjoying myself.)

And here is Hy conducting a little himself.

By the way, these videos feature Hyrum's BRAND NEW HAIRCUT. Joy took 30-40 minutes yesterday to try. Without going into detail, it was pretty traumatic for Hyrum, and hence for the rest of us. Joy had to pin him to his high chair with her knee. Joy says, "My one consolation is that he's not a girl." Here are some stills. She did a good job.

Oh, and have we mentioned how TALL our baby is now? He's back up to the height percentile he had when he was born. Then it was 88%, now he's 95%. Only 5% of children his age are taller. My son, the giant. The doctor was also impressed by how strong, active, and happy he is.

"He's been rocking in his high chair. I had to put the high chair/booster into a heavier chair so he wouldn't just flop over onto the floor cause he rocks it so hard!"

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Grandma Jule said...

LOVELY haircut!

Grandma approves!

The handsomest grandbaby in town just became the handsomest grandbaby in the UNIVERSE!