Sunday, June 28, 2009

Attachment, Isn't it great!

An exciting thing for Hyrum this week sithat he has started to fold his arms by himself for prayer. He holds a wrist with the other hand. It is so cute. We are really excited about that. He has also been giving more kisses which has lead to some more biting, but has been really sweet when he is being sweet. He is more affectionate over all.

Another example is that he knows what I mean when I say, "Want to sit in Mommy's lap?". He will smile and then come and sit in my lap (most times). Last night I was sitting in Derrill's lap and we decided it was time for family prayer. We called Hyrum to come over and he just smiled, but wouldn't come. So, I said, "Want to sit in mommy's lap?". Hyrum grinned wide and came right over to us.