Friday, May 8, 2009

Talking Myself Out of It

After Elder Ballard urged students to Blog for Christ, I toyed with the idea of what would happen if an apostle started a blog. I finally talked myself out of it today.

I can really only see two or three things it would turn into. The first is a travelogue. "Well, here I am in sunny Santo Domingo to reorganize the Salsa Stake. This is the hotel...." Great. Many critics, not least of whom would be the apostle himself, would think 'There's gotta be something better to do with his time.'

The second is a place to put recent spiritual thoughts. "I was reading Ether 15 today and saw something I never recognized before..." or "A lot of people have been asking me about ______" or some such. That would cool, right? I'd love to do scripture reading with an apostle. (Yeah, I know, I get to study with the Spirit every day. I'm not as proficient at holding a dialogue with Him.)

But I realized this would turn into one of two things: 1), the entertaining nightmare proposed by a fellow brancher 'because sometimes it's nice to be commanded in all things' or 2) Green Jello Casserole for the Soul. Either way, the comments would have to be run through the Church coordinating council. And both are somewhat redudant. We have the Church Newsroom for official answers, and where we don't have official answers it would only create confusion; and we have LDS Gems for all your daily inspirational thought needs.

So now I have a hard time seeing it. Which is sad. It seemed a cool idea at the time. A REAL Bloggernacle.

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