Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm several posts behind the great events of the last couple weeks, so I'll keep this one shorter.

Happy Anniversary to Derrill and Joy! The 28th marked our 4th anniversary*. To celebrate, we took advantage of my parents being in town for my graduation (more on that later) to watch the new Star Trek movie with the Petersons on Monday while they held down the fort. I was somewhat skeptical going in, but realized at some point in the movie that I was pretty excited and am quite happy with some of the choices they made. Let the Final Frontier continue! My folks also took us and the sister missionaries out to dinner and we played some board games with my parents all weekend. And for our reminiscing pleasure, I made up a Facebook quiz about our courtship so we could have a chance to talk about that wondrous year together.

Thursday we went to look for a replacement ring for Joy, whose opal fell out of its setting a few months back. The search goes on. I needed some time to lay down because I've been a bit sick this week, so she went to the eternal marriage institute class by herself while I put the baby to bed. Then we had just some nice quiet time together. I gave Joy a new set of Amish romance books and -- big drumroll -- a new portable wipes container! She was very happy to get that.

Sounds nice and time, right? Well, that's in part because Joy decided that since this is probably (hopefully) the last year we get a large tax refund, we should plunk down a chunk of it for tickets to visit her brother's family ... in EETALEE! So we're looking at taking off for my two week vacation sometime in Sept to enjoy the post-tourist season with far flung family near Venice**. That's the other part of the anniversary celebration.

* - 4*365 + 1 for leap year is 1461 days for those needing an explanation of the title, and since we were married around noon in San Diego, it's still the 1461st day ... for about another 2-32 minutes. It counts.

** - That's why she was recalling being at the Venice of Holland in the last post.


Shari said...

I'm SO excited for you guys that you get to go to Italy!

Shari said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary!!!