Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hyrum's Turn

Sometimes I feel like I don't get no respect on this blog, so let me give you the story straight.

It's summer time, and that means good summer cooking. I'm talking about barbecued rice cereal and peas! I'm talking about green bean juice straight from the sippy cup. With justice and peanut butter for all!

Mama got me some superhero pjs. Here I am springing into action! RAWR!

I may not know art, but I know what I like: the color green. What's color? I couldn't tell you. But if the food is green or comes from a green container, I'll eat it. Here I am sipping from the garlic sauce container that came with their pizza.

A) So this is the outside, hunh, Dad? ... I like it.

B) So you're telling me I can't play in the water because of a sea monster named Nessie who likes to eat cute babies? Get serious.

C) Dad said I can't jump in. Do you think he can stop me?

D) Right here on this very spot is where the infant King Arthur pulled forth the Binky in the Bog, signifying that he needed a change of clothing.

My name is Hyrum Watson, and I approved this message.

Oh, did I use that one already?

Well, since this is my new Official Picture, it ought to have my trademarked greeting for a caption then:

Hi there. Hy here.

This is the TV. I like to have it on. All the time. There's nothing on it cause we don't get cable, but I just like to have it on. First thing I do when I get up from my nap is toddle over and turn on the TV.

The other day, Mom figured out that she could unplug the TV and I can't get to the cord, so that may put a damper on things.

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