Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Exercise Crazy

So I am starting to see why many mothers feel that they do not have much to talk about at least about themselves. Then Derrill is usually telling you the news about Hyrum, so what do I need to say right?

Well, I have discovered that I am currently exercise crazy. I want to be walking all of the time. I walk while I do my dishes, I walk sometimes while I shower. I walk while I cook (of course all of them are in place) I walk when I eat and when I read. Infact I realized just yesterday that I am having a hard time motivating myself to do anything that doesn't allow me to do some kind of exercise at the same time.

Why the unceasing motivation to exercise? I can only attribute it to not gaining any noticeable effect. I had no idea how altered my body would be after I had a baby and the last 10 lbs just won't come off. (so I am really looking for 40, but I try not to let on to myself too much). :)

I am really excited about the exercise game that Derrill got for our Wii. I think he may have already mentioned it before "My Fitness Coach". It really gives me a good work out and so now, even if I do not see weight loss I know that it will help me feel like I am getting fit, which I want more. I really want to feel like that I am in shape and I am glad to be on the road there. I have always maintained that I am more interested in my health than I am in my weight and I still feel that way (it is just more challenging with more weight to focus that way).

So this post is a celebration for me, starting on a new road to fitness and loving it.

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Shari said...

Exercise is addicting--in a good way--isn't it? It just makes you feel so good.